Places – Our Amazing World
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Places - Our Amazing World

The world is full of amazing and wonderful places. Here are just a few that I have had the privelage of visiting.

South Korea

South Korea is steeped in a rich cultural history. The capitol city Seoul is full of ancient and historical buildings. The gallery has a few of the wonderful sights to be experienced.

Rome 01

The magnificence of Rome can only be truly appreciated when you are there in person. I have wanted to visit Rome ever since I was child and finally going there was amazing. I hope these photos inspire you to see capitol of the world\'s greatest empire.

United Kingdom

I have visited the UK twice. I absolutely love visiting and photographing the old historic buildings and places.

Japanese Castles

Japan is country with a long feudal history. Castles were common place across the landscape for hundreds of years. The main towns in key areas will most probably have a castle site. I love going back in time at these places and wondering what life was like to build them, and live in or around them.


Kyoto (京都, Kyōto) served as Japan\'s capital and the emperor\'s residence from 794 until 1868. Countless temples, shrines and other historically priceless structures survive in the city today. During any seasons, Kyoto is a photographers dream, and one of the most popular cities in the country to visit.

Japanese Temples and Shrines

Japan is covered with thousands of shrines and temples. Where ever I go, I try to see the local shrines and temples. In the countryside you can come across some very old and remote shrines in the most unusual places. Here is a small collection of the shrines I have seen so far.

Photos from Japan 2012

Different photos from around Japan in 2012

WWII Wrecks in Saipan

In June 1944 the US invaded Saipan as part of it\'s push against the Japanese in the pacific. Saipan and Tinian would become very important in the US effort to defeat Japan in the Pacific. Both atomic bombs were loaded on to their B-29 Super Fortresses on Tinian.

Edinburgh Panorama

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and seat of the Scottish Parliament and Government. It is Scotland\'s second largest city by population. The city is located in the south-east of Scotland, on the Firth of Forth in the Central Belt.

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