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Other - Everything Else

These galleries include everything else that I have had the joy of photographing. 

Astro Best Vol. 1

I love looking at the sky at night. The moon is so familiar to all of us, yet I still love seeing it in various ways. As well, I have recently been able to observe and photograph other bodies in the sky. Tokyo is one of the most light polluted places on the planet, so I relish every chance I get in the countryside to enjoy the night sky.


I love taking photos of live bands. They are unpredictable, hard to get shots, but when you get that killer photo, it is all worth it. These are just a sample of the many bands and performers I have taken photos of. See more at www.rockandrollallnite.com/

Yokota Airshow

The United States has a large military presence in Japan. Each year at Yokota Airbase west of Tokyo the USAF host a friendship day where you can see various aircraft from the US and Japan on display.

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