Panorama – A Wide View
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Panorama - A Wide View

At time we need to take a wide view of things to take it all in. These photos were made by taking 2 or more photos and joining them together to create a panorama view of the scene. Digital photography has made it much easier to create these kind of photos than ever before, and to truly capture the moment of being in these places. 
(I did have panoramic film camera in the early 90’s. )

Macro Best Vol. 1

The macro world is truly wonderful place. I have always loved seeing what the smallest of the wonderful creatures on this earth look like, and what they do in their lives.

Underwater Best Vol. 1

Ever since I had my first camera capable of taking photos underwater I have spent many hours trying to see what is there and take photos of it. I take photos by diving and snorkeling.

Japan Nature 2013 Vol 1

Some photos of wildlife and nature from Japan in 2013.

Nature in Japan 2012

Photos of Nature, skies and animal life in Japan from 2012

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